For many years, my wife Cyndee and I have retailed genuine gem stone Indian jewelry. Much is purchases from the NACE Trading Post set up by Native Americans to wholesale member creations. Other is purchased on the reservations or direct from various artist. This is not epoxy and turquoise dust or German silver as you find in the flea markets or the shopping channels. Each piece of this is individually created by a Native artist, and each stone is a true gem stone. As such, each stone is unique and has it's own special color and inclusions. This is also true of the silver work. Only genuine sterling silver is used in the newer pieces. Pawn was made from casting the silver available.

The Peruvian jewelry is hand picked by us from many artist in Peru.  Real Peruvian Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Shell and other materials are used.  The pieces are unique and colorful.  The necklaces are bold, the earrings bright and colorful.  You can't beat the prices

Other items will soon include arrowheads, and other prehistoric items. All pieces are guaranteed to be genuine and a brief description will accompany each piece. Major collector pieces will include the piece's history, where pictured, collections it has been in, etc. Others may come from old collections, estates, museum de-acquisitions, consignments from dealers or collectors.

I have been dealing in these items on the side for many years.  Cyndee has been dealing Native American jewelry since the 60's.  Take a look, you will enjoy the looks and the prices.   We do not sell or distribute your information in any way to anyone ever.We have secure order forms but you can also order by phone, fax or mail.